The EMS Personnel Responsibilities protocol establishes the need for all
EMS providers to have a GCMCA issued picture I.D. badge: †

- Must pass a GCMCA administered examination on the GCMCA Protocols at
the time of relicensure with the state.

- Shall wear a GCMCA issued identification badge at all times when actively
working in the EMS system, which must be displayed in a way that is easily
visible to the general public. The ID will be issued after personnel have
presented the following to GCMCA and will be renewed when their state

--- State issued EMS license
--- Current in ACLS (paramedic only American Heart Association only)
--- CPR Card (American Heart Association only)
--- Trauma and Pediatric Certifications (see protocol for eligible certifications)
--- Completion of 12-lead Training (paramedics only)
--- Valid driverís license

We have chosen to host the test on the Blackboard Academic Suite Course
Sites. The address you would put into your internet browser
is or just click this link.

Log in is at the top left part of the opening screen. Do not use the big
green buttons that says "sign up" Look for "Log in"

If you do not remember your user name or password call us at 810-262-2555.

†There are three separate tests that correspond to your level of licensure. So if
you are an EMT-B, you would only take the Basic EMT test. The test consists
of 26 questions for MFR and EMT-B, and 27 for Paramedic, half operational
and half treatment. It should not take you more than a half hour to forty five
minutes to take.
Each question is worth 10 points. You can take it as
often as you need to, until you score 210 out of a possible 260 points
for MFR and EMT-B, or 220 out of a possible 270 for Paramedics.
†The intent of this test is simple. We want to make sure you are familiar with the
GCMCA Protocols. It is an open book test and you can take it as often as you
need to.